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Climb Around

Improving an application for climbers 

The client want their content at the beginning of the menu «Types of scaling» and improve the user experience in the interaction and structure of information.  At the moment the application has some usability, content, structure and design shortcomings. 

The research begins with a Benchmarking and a SWOT to analyze its weaknesses, strengths, threats and finally the opportunities we can offer.

I do four user Persona and interviews to come to the conclusion that information about climbing gyms is not so important to them. Tracking and sector updates are very important to them and that’s a reason to distrust the application. They don’t find a quick way to access content and they have to do many steps to re-choose another options.

The solution I find is to introduce the boulder option, divide the main menu into INDOOR and OUTDOOR and as a secondary menu add an INTERACTIVE MAP of Spain to be able to choose with one click the region where you want to scale with your additional information.

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