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Improving the experience of veterinarians and pet owners

This project is based on the creation of an application to connect veterinarians with pet owners and make things easier for both of them.

The application must be purchased by the veterinarians and will be connected to their patient record management software.

The veterinarians send an invitation to the owner who will be able to see in the application the history of your pet, make an appointment, talk to the veterinarians and even a daily follow up with photos of your entered pet. 


Comienzo mi investigación haciendo un análisis FODA de debilidades, amenazas, fortalezas y oportunidades.

A partir de ahí, realizo cuestionarios por tipografía de los veterinarios y creo una propuesta de valor para corroborar las frustraciones de los veterinarios y proponer diferentes soluciones….


With this information I create a user person and a customer journey to observe the strongest points of pain of the veterinarians in a day of work.

Almost all veterinarians agree with the fear that there are many older people who do not know how to use the application. That frustration makes me think of a simple, visual and usable architecture.


I design the application with wireframes to arrange the functionalities and then I design the prototype in Sketch and Marvelapp.

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